• heat exchangers villa scambiatori
  • heat exchangers villa scambiatori

Breech-lock heat exchangers

Easy maintenance, Reduced shutdown times, less lost production, more money.

That’s a simple concept related to Breech-lock exchanger closure and these are the main advantages compared to a conventional TEMA type exchanger:

  • No welded parts,
  • The pressure kept by the forged threaded channel and not by bolts
  • Easy closure and opening,
  • No need of heavy cranage to dismantle heavy bolts,
  • Possibility of fixing any potential leakage during operation.

Our experience in delivering Breech-Lock Exchangers for international clients, is extended all over the world.

The Breech-Lock exchanger can be considered “Maintenance Friendly”

We deliver our breech-lock exchanger with an appropriate Dismantling Jig. No-need to buy a Jig for each item as it is adjustable to the different diameters.